If you are looking to take a personal loan from the State Bank Of India, and wondering if that's possibile

without submitting any salary proof, then this Web Story will help you out to know, how you can get it?

Obviously, you will need to fulfill the terms and conditions for this personal loan from SBI. Like, your 

monthly salary must be above 15 thousand, and you must have a salaried account with State Bank Of India 

you must have a higher CIBIL Score, above 750 will do that for you. Now, if you meet these conditions then 

you surely will get the personal loan from SBI without submitting any salary proof. All you need, is to 

use the digital platform of SBI. That's YONO App. You will need to apply for the loan throuh YONO to avoid any 

Requirement of the submission of your salary slip. If you choose to apply through the web portal, you will have to submit the salary proof.